With regard to the vision of Naresuan University to become one of the top 250 universities ranked by QS World University Ranking before 2021, NUIC has taken numerous steps to promote research excellence e.g. networking with other International Colleges in Thailand to form a consortium (TICC), offering research funds for faculties, supporting staff and students,  arranging research forum and knowledge management project etc. 

Thailand International College Consortium (TICC)

TICC was established since 2015 by five International Colleges in Thailand aiming to promote a cooperation in various areas, including but not limited to. academic affairs, research,  students networking among International Colleges.  TICC had held a number of International Conference each year to offer opportunities to academic scholars to exchange their research with others. 

For researchers

For NUIC researchers who are interested to conduct a research, you can find a research manual, step-by-step process to conduct a research and IRB-related documents and forms below.