Human Resource Management

DR. Eugenia A. Boa.jpg

DR. Eugenia A. Boa 

Program Chair of Human Resource Management

Education :
PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, Naresuan University, 2015 
J.D. Juris Doctor in Laws, San Sebastian College Recoletos, 2004 
M.A. in Educational Administration, University of Batangas, 2010 
B.Sc. in Commerce-Business Management, University of Batangas, 1996 
B.A. in Political Science, University of Batangas, 1996


  • Boa, E, A, Meesac, S. (2017). Implications of the greying population in Thailand: HR perspectives, Proceeding of the International Conference on Business Management and Social Sciences, November 8-10. 2017 Phitsanuiok, Thailand 2017; p. 387-402

  • .Boa, E. A., Kongthaetong P., Kraikijrat (2018). A Study on The Perception of Undergraduate Students Towards Flexible Workplace at Naresuan University in Phitsanulok. Proceeding of the 16st  ASTEIA International Conference, December 21st  - 22nd , 2018 Bangkok, Thailand 2018; p. 55-60

  • Boa, E. A. Lhamo R., (2018), Perception of Bhulanese Employees Tɔwards Labor Unions. Proceeding of the 161 IASTEM international Conference. December 21st  – 22nd , 2018 Bangkok, Thailand 2018; p. 55-60

  • Factors affecting the selection of higher education institutions of students in the lower north of Thailand, 11th ASEAN+9 International Conference on Business, Economic, Finance and innovation, 2020

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Dr. Gavin Nicholson 

Education :
PhD. in Business Administration, Victoria University, 2018
MBA in Business Administration, Victoria University, 2011
Graduate Certificate in Applied Business, Swinburne University, 2010
Diploma in Business, Swinburne University, 2009

Suttipun. M., & Nicholson. G. J. (2020), Relationship Between Risk Management Disclosures and Financial Performance of Listed Companies in Thailand. Academy of Accounting and Financial Studies Jaurnal, 24(4), 1–11.

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Ms.Taddao Kusonwatthana 

Education :
LL.M in Intellectual Property laws, Queen Mary University of London, 2016
LL.M, The University of Queensland, 2008
LL.B in Law (International Programme), Naresuan University, 2006

Juntarangsu, J. and Kusonwatthana, T, (2020) Needs for 21st Century Skills Development among Generation Z:  A Case study at Naresuan University International College. International Journal of Education and Research, January 2020, Vol.8 No.1 ISSN:2411-5681

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Lorenzo E. Garin Jr..jpg

Mr.Lorenzo E. Garin Jr. 

Education :
MA in Public Management, Naval State University, 2009
BA in Secondary Education, Naval State University, 2003


Factors Influencing Stress of Employees and Its Impact to Employee’s Performance in the Workplace, Psychology Research Volume 10, Number 8, 2020

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Jaturaporn Juntarangsu.jpg

Ms.Jaturaporn Juntarangsu 
(On a study leave)

Education :
B.A. in English, Chiang Mai University, 1996
M.A. in Human Resource Management, Griffith University, 2004



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Dr.Tapaswini Dash

Education :
Ph.D. Faculty of management Centurion University of Technology and Management India 2021
bachelor of education (B.Ed)  Utkal University India, 1994
Master of Arts (Psychology)  Utkal University  India 1992



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