B.B.A. in International Business Management

        An understanding of the international business

environment can turn a small business into a global giant. Develop the skills involved in the analysis of international markets, emerging markets, the international supply chain, plus the personal skills and attitudes required to successful engage in international business.

        Career Opportunities : Opportunities exist for working with international companies or management consultancies, financial institutions, government bodies, import and export compliance, industry associations and global corporations.

B.A. in English for Business Communications

        This program encompasses a perfect integration of business communications and the English language, making it unique and most

desirable. Students can select minor courses in International Business, Tourism Management, or HRM.

Career Opportunities : Graduating with a BA in English for Business Communications offers a wide range of opportunities in numerous areas of employment; this includes working for international companies, government employment, the airline business, or the hospitality industry.


B.B.A. in International Human Resource Management & Development

          The key factor in an organization's success is the quality of its employees, Human Resource Management plays an increasingly important role in a global marketplace where nations are rapidly moving from industrial based-economies to knowledge based-economies.

Career Opportunities : HRM provides a broad range of  opportunities for HR administrators, HR coordinators, executive recruiters, HR managers, job placement specialists, benefits specialists, and employee specialists.

B.B.A. in Event, Hotel and Tourism Management

           Tourism is one of the world's fastest growing industry sectors. Students will develop the necessary knowledge and skills for a career within hospitality and tourism or related sectors, both locally and internationally with a touch of Thainess.

Career Opportunities : A wide range of careers locally and overseas is open to you, including tourism development, sales and marketing, international tourism, business travel, front-office hotel management, tour management, travel agent, cabin crew, and tour guide.